About Our Staff

The all-volunteer staff of Jersey Boys State is comprised of approximately 150 highly motivated and qualified individuals who work with one goal in mind: to make your week at Jersey Boys State one of the most rewarding, educational, and worthwhile weeks of your life; one which you will remember for many years to come, and one which, in some small way, may assist you as you pursue your career goals. We have assembled a staff with diverse backgrounds that includes former Jersey Boys State citizens and members of the American Legion. They possess the life experience, innovative spirit, energy, teaching ability and caring that make the program possible and provide a truly life-shaping experience to over 1,000 young men each year from across the state.

Reflective of the value of the Jersey Boys State program is the fact that many of the Jersey Boys State staff members you will meet during the week are former Jersey Boys Staters themselves, who volunteer one week during the summer to the Jersey Boys State program, taking time from their own careers and vacations to do so. In total, they donate over 25,000 hours of their personal time each year to the program.

The staff of Jersey Boys State is always available to assist you and you should never hesitate to come to any member of the Jersey Boys State staff should a question or problem arise.