American Legion Jersey Boys State

American Legion Jersey Boys State
A Week That Shapes the Future

Graduation Information

CLICK HERE to watch a LIVE STREAM of the 2019 Graduation Ceremony on Friday, Jun 21 at 1:00 pm!!

Please Note:

Early release will be made only in an emergency, accident or illness. Requests to leave early for other reasons will not be considered. The Boys State pin, diploma and yearbook will be given out to the delegates only at the final city meeting held back at the city location after the graduation ceremony. Therefore, it is assumed that all boys who are accepted and report for American Legion Jersey Boys State, and have signed the back of the "Permit to Register" card, along with their parents, understand that they will not be permitted to leave Boys State before the end of the program on Friday at approximately 4:30pm.

Families, members of sponsoring groups and school administrators will be welcome on Friday late morning at 11:00 am for Annual Family Day picnic. The picnic will take place (weather-permitting) on the main mall located directly behind the main campus gates at Rider University. Events include performances by the Boys State Band, the ALJBS Championship Race, NJ State Police Demonstration and a meet-and-greet with other delegates in the cities, members of the ALJBS staff and members of the American Legion.

A Final Retreat Ceremony will be conducted on the East end of the Rider campus mall at 1:15pm, during which time the Eaton Best County and Howell Best City awards will be announced. This event will be followed by the final general assembly where the Keynote Speaker will address the delegates, announcement of Boys Nation Senators, various awards, a final band concert and Special Flag Ceremony in the Alumni Gym beginning at 1:30pm. Overflow seating will be available with a simulcast of the graduation in the Yvonne Theater of the Fine Arts Building. Upon completion of the General Assembly, delegates will proceed back to their dorms where they will pick up their ALJBS pin and graduation certificate, and receive final thoughts from their City Counselors. These small ceremonies back at the cities will end at approximately 4:30 pm at which point the delegates are free to depart.