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American Legion Jersey Boys State
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Medical Information

The 100% volunteer staff of American Legion Jersey Boys State each session assembles a team of certified EMT's and other public safety professionals to staff ALJBS EMS. A central location for EMS services is established in one of the dormitories on the Rider University campus; however, the EMS staff additionally serve as Counselors in the cities around campus. City Counselors are the first point of contact and will refer cases to the ALJBS EMS staff as warranted. Additionally, the ALJBS Dean of Public Safety coordinates with Rider Public Safety and with local Lawrenceville, Lawrence Township and Capital Health EMS Services to coordinate care. For immediate medical attention, please dial 9-1-1. Should you require any type of medical attention, please inform your Counselor. Should an emergency arise, your Counselor is well briefed on procedures to follow to get you immediate aid.

UPDATE: MAY 11, 2022

NEW: Click here to download the PDF Physician's Statement. CampDoc is now live as of May 11. Please print the Physician's Statement and follow the instructions for signature by your family physician. Sign in to with the login created for your Online Application and find "Medical Form", where you can complete your Health Profile and upload the completed Physician's Statement.

Medical Form

All Applicants will be required to complete an online electronic health record with CampDoc. In addition to being a HIPAA compliant electronic health record system, it will also be a valuable tool for our volunteer EMS team, allowing them to quickly access important medical information at the time they are administering care. This secure solution will be greatly beneficial and a marked improvement over the printed Medical Form we used in the past.

Applicants can begin their Medical Form by logging into Once their on-line application is complete they will see a link for "Medical Form" where they will directed to to begin the registration process. The one-time link that is provided will expire in 60 minutes. Please note: applicants will receive a weekly email from CampDoc until their profile is 100% complete!

We will add other information to this site as necessary to address any questions that you may have. Contact with any questions not answered by this page.

NEW: Click HERE to download detailed instructions for completing the CampDoc medical form via the ALJBS On-line Application System.

Frequent Asked Questions

1. Do I need to complete all of the questions on the CampDoc form?
YES: Answering the CampDoc form questions accurately will enable our volunteer EMS staff to report on high-risk conditions and help identify medical allergies, etc.

2. How long is a School Sports Physical or Medical Physical from a Physician valid?
1 Year. For all forms in NJ we are allowed to look back one year from the start of our session. Please upload to CampDoc as necessary.

3. Is a Physical or Physician's Statement required?
YES: Please enter pertinent medical history in CampDoc but know that a Medical Form will still be required to be completed by your family physician (or leverage a school sports physical). Once completed, you will need to scan in or take a photo of the physician authorization page.

4. Should I print and bring any medical information with me?
NO. Unless directed by the ALJBS EMS staff or another official of ALJBS, it is expected that ALL medical history information will be stored within CampDoc. You are not required to bring any signed copies to registration, please leave them at home.

5. What if I don't see my prescribed medication listed as an option in the medication drop down list?
Free Text. You are able to type/enter the medication name manually if the generic or brand name of the medication is not displayed via the search.

Medication Policy

All medication taken by a statesman must be identified and declared to the statesman's Senior City Counselor, who will inform a member of the ALJBS EMS staff as appropriate. Statesman with non-narcotic medication who currently self-medicate are able to do so at Jersey Boys State with parental consent. Narcotic medication and medication that requires administration by a nurse MUST be reported to your counselor and WILL be stored and secured in the EMS office. Narcotic medication cannot be stored in a statesman's room. Any medication requiring refrigeration will be stored in the EMS office. If a statesman is prescribed a narcotic or needs assistance with taking their medication, a consultation with EMS Staff, the statesman's Senior City Counselor and the statesman (with parents/guardians, if needed) will occur on Sunday to create a schedule of administration based on the statesman's needs. All medical information will be kept confidential and secured during the session.