American Legion Jersey Boys State

American Legion Jersey Boys State
A Week That Shapes the Future

Other Information

Personal Autos

It is acceptable for you to drive to Jersey Boys State unless your County provides buses. However, once you register at ALJBS, you must park your car and will not be allowed to drive it again until your departure on Friday. Upon your registration at Boys State, you will be directed to a designated parking area. After parking your car, you will be required to turn your keys in to your city counselor, who will hold them until the end of Boys State. The parking lot is patrolled by campus security police.


Supervised athletics are scheduled Monday through Thursday, including swimming (free-swim). Other sports include: softball, soccer, tennis, flag football, basketball, and volleyball. Participation in these events or use of athletic facilities is at the discretion of each statesman. Most sports equipment is available thru the Program, but you should bring your own tennis racket and baseball/softball glove. In addition, use of the Student Recreation Center weight room is available (for a nominal fee) and Marine PT is available during the same period.