Check-in Process: June 18th

Jersey Boys State Welcome and Check-In Process

For driving directions to the campus please click here or here (for a new window)

Please plan to arrive between 7:30 am and 9:00 am on Sunday June 19th (Father's Day) – the earlier the better.

Instead of using the main entrance to Rider University at the traffic light, we ask that all vehicular traffic use the "South Entrance". Rider's Main/North Entrance will be closed. The "South Entrance" is located approximately 300 yards south of Rider's Main/North Entrance. After entering at Rider’s South Entrance, follow signs and staff direction to the security gate where you will turn right, and be directed into the parking area. After parking, follow signs and Jersey Boys State staff directions to the Welcome Area located on the roadway between the Alumni Gym and Daley Dining Hall. After visiting the various tables here, you will proceed to your assigned city dorm location to complete the Check-in Process and begin your Week that Shapes the Future! (ALJBS Check-In Map 2022)

There will be several tables in the Welcome Area for your convenience:
  • College Credits – staff will be available to answer any question you have regarding how to receive college credit for completing Boys State.
  • Boys State Store – you will be able to purchase extra shirts ($20/each) as well as other Boys State apparel and merchandise.
  • Band – if you will be a member of the Jersey Boys State Band (and have been contacted by our Dean of Music), drop off your musical instrument here.
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – staff will be available to answer questions regarding your Medical Form and other medical related questions.
  • NJBSF Family Day Tickets – you will be able to purchase tickets for Friday’s Family Day Picnic. More information is available on the Family Day web page.
  • Information – staff will be available to answer general questions.
  • Photo Backdrops – there will Jersey Boys State backdrops to take selfies.

Make sure the delegate has completed his online Medical Form on CampDoc, and has in his possession his completed "Permit to Register" form. If these forms are not filled out properly and completely, you will not be allowed to check-in to American Legion Jersey Boys State.

The only money needed will be to purchase additional ALJBS shirts ($20 each) or other apparel/merchandise, and if purchasing NJBSF Family Day tickets. Cash, checks, and credit/debit cards will be accepted. See our Packing List for more details.

When you arrive at the dormitory where your city is housed, you will be greeted by your city counselors who will check you in to your city, direct you to your dorm room, and get you started. We do ask that all females (moms, sisters, girlfriends, etc.) refrain from entering the cities/dormitories out of respect for the privacy of other delegates who may be getting dressed, unpacked and prepared for their City Orientation Meeting.

Again, this map can be used to navigate to your assigned city/dorm.

Here is an excerpt from our County Orientation presentation regarding the items you will need for Registration: